Wisconsin National Guard Hosts First Bi-Annual Women’s Symposium

(Madison) Members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard recently attended the first bi-annual Women’s Symposium at Madison College.

In celebration of International Women’s History Month, which was in March, the symposium was aimed at empowering leaders, women, and allied to advocate for one another and focused on reinforcing the organizations commitment to gender equality. Military personnel, civilians, and interested community members were invited to attend and support the armed forces event.

Staff Sergeant Amanda Stock, who currently serves as a Public Affairs specialist, helped organize the event. Staff Sergeant Stock says the event was created for numerous reasons.

“I think the why behind the event was essentially to create a platform for dialogue and collaboration, knowledge sharing, exchanging stories of challenges that females have faced in the military and hopefully finding some bonding and connection with other service members.”

The symposium consisted of four speakers as well as two panel discussions from various members of the United States military, allowing for those in attendance, as well as the speakers, to be vulnerable and connect with one another.

Keynote speaker and Director of the Cross-Cultural Communications at the United States Air Force Special Operations School and former Senior Intelligence Officer Danica Domokos said the hope is to reach the point where we no longer have to talk about inclusion.

“Eventually, we will get to the point where we don’t have to have these conversations about how we are including ourselves.”

Women in the Army make up approximately 20% of the force. For many, small obstacles constantly get in the way of those just trying to coexist with their peers.

Though there has been progress in the military’s inclusion, events such as the Women’s Symposium are necessary to keep working at the goal of one day reaching equality.

Picture courtesy of the Wisconsin Army National Guard Instagram