Wisconsin DOT Seeking Input On Road Project Between Waterloo And Columbus

(Columbus) The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is seeking public input on a road improvement project between Waterloo and Columbus. Work includes resurfacing the pavement along Highway 89 from Clarkson Road to Avalon Road as well as reconstruct the County Road TV intersection north of Waterloo. The project will also repair or replace several culvert pipes under the highway and replace the box culvert over Mud Creek. Highway 89 will be closed and detoured for reconstruction of the TV intersection as wee as work on the Mud Creek box culvert. The detour route will follow Highway 19 and Highway 73. Highway 89 will remain open to local residences and businesses. Construction is currently slated for 2024. State transportation officials say all person interested in the project are encouraged to view its details that are available online. They say public comments will assist them in development a project that will serve the needs of motorists and the community.

A presentation and materials detailing the WIS 89 project are available to view on the project website at wisconsindot.gov/Pages/projects/by-region/sw/wis89-dodgedanecolumbia/default.aspx. You can also visit wisconsindot.gov and search “WIS 89 Columbia County”, select the second link and scroll to WIS 89 (Clarkson Road to Avalon Road) under the Columbia County heading.

Questions and comments can be directed to WisDOT Project Manager Kyle Treml at [email protected], (920) 360-7029, or mailed to the WisDOT Northeast Region, 944 Vanderperren Way, Green Bay, WI 54304.