Why should you take a walk right now?


You probably spend most of your day sitting, right? You drive to work. You sit at your desk. You drive home. You sit at the table to eat dinner. You sit on the couch to watch TV. Add up those hours, and it’s quite likely to come to 10 or more! You know all that sitting isn’t good for you, but what are you supposed to do if you have a desk job and along commute? VirginPulse has a solution: Take a walk. Now. if you walk for exercise, find out the ideal pace. That is, for the best workout, you should be taking THIS many steps per minute. Open up your calendar and schedule a short walk sometime during the day. And if your boss gives you grief that you want to walk the office hallways for 10 minutes once or twice a day, just show her this. Five reasons you should take a walk every day:

1. Walk with a work friend.
Not only will it be more fun than a solitary stroll, but also it won’t feel like exercise. Get into a good conversation, and the walk may go on longer than you intended. More steps mean a greater health benefit for you.

2. Active people have more energy.
Our attention naturally starts to dwindle in the middle of the afternoon. Take a 10-minute brisk walk around the office at 3 p.m., and you’ll give yourself a natural shot of energy.

3. Fresh air and sunshine will clear your mind.
If possible, take your afternoon walk outside. Being outdoors just a few minutes a day will clear your mind and reinvigorate you for the next task on your to-do list.

4. Roaming the office facilitates lots of social interaction.
When you walk the halls, you may see people you wouldn’t have otherwise encountered. This interaction can create new ideas, information, advice and opportunities. Find a colleague, go for a walk and renew your connection with the coworkers you don’t see as often.

5. Physical activity helps your brain.
If you’re stuck on a big project or just feel overwhelmed by that never-ending to-do list, grab a colleague, take a walk and brainstorm. It’s a double benefit: You’ll have new ideas and more energy.