White Construction High School Athlete Of The Week 2/6/23

White Construction Athlete of the Week…
Easton Abel
Beaver Dam High School

Parents Names
Chad Abel, Amy Abel

Sports Participated In:
Football (all 4 years)
Basketball (Freshman-Junior)
Powerlifting (Senior)
Track & Field (Sophomore-Senior) (Shot put and discuss)

Favorite High School Athletic Moment
My favorite high school athletic moment is when I had my first varsity sack. This
was the second game of the 2021-22 season. We were playing Sauk Prairie, and it
was my first chance to show the coaches what I was capable of and to fight for the
starting defensive end position. In the middle of the second quarter, my name was
finally called. After the sack, I suddenly gained confidence in myself, propelling the
rest of my high school football career.

Pre-Game/Event Routine To Get Focused For Competition Include…
In my pre-game/event routine, I focus on myself and making sure I can perform at
a high level — this includes taking care of my body. I drink at least 100 oz of water
throughout the day, eat a fruit, and have an electrolyte drink before warm-ups to
prevent cramping during games or meets. I will also do some stretching before
warm-ups to help prevent injury. Last thing I do before warm-ups is spend time
clearing my head. After I suit up, I sit in my locker, listen to music, and clear my
head. I make sure that the outside world won’t affect my performance.
Advice You Would Give To A Freshman High School Athlete
My advice to a freshman high school athlete would be to work hard outside
practice in order to find success, but don’t let all of that hard work go to waste.
Make sure you get good grades, and that you’re doing the right thing outside
school and sports.

A Person(s) Who Had A Major Impact On My Athletic Career & Why Is…
I’ve had many people who have impacted my athletic career in some way,
however, my family has had the most impact. They have supported me every step
of the way and gave me motivation when I needed it. I would like to thank my
parents for everything they have done especially driving my siblings and I to
weekly practices and tournaments all over the state year long since we were 7. I
also want to thank my older brothers, Cole and Nate, for always picking on the
youngest brother, for now I’m the strongest brother!! Lastly, I would like to thank
my younger sister Aspen for her fun personality and always being around to pick
on. As of now, I’m still a little taller than her.

Plans For After Graduation
I plan on pursuing mechanical engineering at Michigan Tech and play football

Favorite High School Class
Physics and Photography

Favorite High School Teacher & Why
My favorite high school teacher was Mr. Duesterbeck. He has been an outstanding
role model. He would help any student with any subject. He wanted every student
to have the best high school experience possible. He always went above and
beyond for his students. He organized many school events and a couple of clubs as
well. When students had a suggestion about a school event, he tried his hardest
to make it happen. I definitely learned a lot from him in the classroom and the
character I always hope to have.

Most Interesting Place I’ve Ever Visited Is…
Key West, Florida

Place I Would Like To Visit

Favorite Movie
The Blind Side

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Musical Artist
Rod Wave

Favorite Food
Fettuccine Alfredo

Favorite Athlete
Giannis Antetokuonmpo

Favorite Sports Team
Green Bay Packers