White Construction High School Athlete Of The Week 3/13/23

White Construction Athlete of the Week…

Maddie Kuenzi
Beaver Dam High School

Parents Names
Chris Kuenzi
Kelly Kuenzi

Sports Participated In:
Golf, Basketball, and Soccer

Favorite High School Athletic Moment
My first ever varsity basketball game after covid seeing the support from the
community filling the stands.

Pre-Game/Event Routine To Get Focused For Competition Include…
Listening to music with my team and dancing in the locker room together.

Advice You Would Give To A Freshman High School Athlete
Always give your all and try your hardest because coaches will notice.

A Person(s) Who Had A Major Impact On My Athletic Career & Why Is…
My parents and grandparents because they have supported me since I was young
and up until this day I can continue to count on them to be cheering me on.

Plans For After Graduation
Attend UW Madison on the Physician Assistant track

Favorite High School Class
Human Anatomy

Favorite High School Teacher & Why
Mr. Boettcher because he teaches my favorite class and, although a gopher fan, he
is very supportive of his students becoming big things.

Most Interesting Place I’ve Ever Visited Is…
South Padre Island, Texas

Place I Would Like To Visit

Favorite Movie
Top Gun Maverick

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Musical Artist
Taylor Swift

Favorite Food
Any plate of pasta

Favorite Athlete
Kobe Bryant

Favorite Sports Team