Wayland Academy Receives DNR Urban Forestry Grant

(Beaver Dam) Wayland Academy is receiving a Department of Natural Resources Urban Forestry Grant. The coed college preparatory school in Beaver Dam is one of 58 applicants given a share of a $1.5-million-dollar Urban Forestry Grant.

The program, funded by both state and federal dollars along with a dollar-for-dollar match, supports an initiative to increase and improve the urban forest canopy. DNR officials say this provides local heat mitigation, removes pollutants from the air, and improves mental health.

Wayland will use its $14,994 share of the funds to remove dead and hazardous ash trees and restore the 55-acre campus’s tree canopy with a mix of new trees. The Academy also plans to educate current students, alumni, faculty, and staff on forestry-related topics along the way.

Head of School Jason Warnick says this is a great opportunity for their environmental classes to have hands-on learning experiences as it pertains to forestry, and take part in helping to establish a healthier campus tree canopy. Warnick noted that since being founded in Beaver Dam more than 167 years ago, Wayland Academy has become known for its beautiful campus, with a variety of native species creatively landscaped among the academic buildings and residence halls.

Wayland was one of only three awards issued in east-central Wisconsin; the other two were the Village of Slinger and the Village of Kohler.