Wayland Academy Adds Rowing

This spring Wayland Academy will become the first high school in the area to offer the sport of rowing to their student body.   Big Red rowing coach Seth Ahlborn tells DailyDodge.com that when he came to Wayland Academy as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation he brought a passion for the sport with him.  After discussions with the school they decided to add the sport.

Ahlborn says that some of the students on campus had seen rowing in the past, but never have taken part, but they are excited to participate in the sport.  He says that about 25 kids have signed up for the inaugural rowing season which will run this spring.

When it comes to competitions, Ahlborn says that they are looking for about a one mile stretch of water on Beaver Dam Lake to host home events.  As for competitions Ahlborn says that  Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis and Dubuque, all have active youth rowing programs that he hopes to schedule matches with.

Before the season starts, he says that they need to figure out where they can run on Beaver Dam Lake and also find a 50 to 60 foot dock to place on the lake to allow the students to load properly on the boats.

He adds that they hope to have some sort of drone set up to be able to follow the rowers in competition.

Click the link to hear more from Wayland Academy Rowing Coach Seth Ahlborn

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