Walker Delivers State of the State Address

1/26/12 – With non-stop protest chants in the background, Governor Scott Walker told Wisconsinites last night that the state’s on the right track for an economic turnaround. The Republican Walker spent much of his second annual State-of-the-State address touting his job creation and budget-balancing efforts. Walker did not mention the recall effort against him, but he asked for civility. And he did not acknowledge the hundreds of screaming protestors gathered in the Capitol Rotunda who were upset about his cuts in spending and public union bargaining. Those gathered in the Assembly chamber for Walker’s speech heard them in the background. Five spectators in the gallery interrupted the 35-minute address. One called the governor a “liar” when he said he respected Wisconsinites. Another mentioned vulnerable children when the governor discussed education initiatives. Both were escorted from the chamber, and Capitol Police later said four protestors were arrested. The Rotunda crowd yelled, whistled, and chanted as they drowned out Walker’s speech that was piped in to the area. Senate Democratic leader Mark Miller said the protests were not surprising and they illustrate quote, “the sharp divide the governor’s policies have created in the state.” But G-O-P Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald said Walker and his fellow Republicans did the right thing by trying to get government out of the way, and the letting the private sector boost the economy.