Victim In Federal Sex Trafficking Investigation Tied To Dodge County Speaks Out

(Hartford) One of the victims identified in a federal investigation into sex-trafficking in Dodge County spoke on the topic at a meeting in Hartford Tuesday night. The Washington County Anti-Trafficking Advocates hosted the program entitled “A Conversation About Human Trafficking.”

Last week, a grand jury returned a three-count federal indictment against Christopher Childs of Hartford for sex trafficking-related offenses that are allegedly connected to two Dodge County strip clubs. The complaint identified four women who were allegedly victimized by Childs, information that came to light because of what law enforcement says was the brave actions of Victim #1 coming forward to police.

Victim #1, who asked to be identified only as Tiffany, urged those in attendance Tuesday night to remain vigilant in identifying and reporting human trafficking. Her message was simple: “Be aware and if you see something, say something.” Tiffany says if she would have known three years ago about the practices employed by those involved in the sex-trade, like grooming, her story may have been different.

Even after everything Tiffany has been through, she has been able to find compassion for those who wronged her.  She asked for prayers for victims and their families and also for prayers for the suspects family.

The four women were allegedly forced to dance at the strip clubs for no pay and perform sexual acts for money that went entirely to Childs. The 45-year-old reportedly controlled the victims phone usage, told them what they could eat, took all of the money the victims made and would violently beat them if they failed to comply. The complaint against Childs states that the prostitution occurred, among other places, inside the TNT Gentlemen’s Club in Lebanon and the Hardware Store in Clyman.

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