Veterans, Public Welcomed To Attend Service Honoring World War II Heroes

(Waupun) Members from local veteran’s services organizations and the general public are encouraged to attend an upcoming event honoring four heroes from World War II. The Four Chaplains Memorial Service will take place on Monday at the Waupun Area Junior/Senior High School. The service takes place one day after the 76th anniversary of the night the USAT Dorchester, with 902 officers on board, was struck by an enemy torpedo. Organizer George Baumann says the chaplains did everything they could to help people who were hurt, guided them to the lifeboats, handed out lifejackets, and eventually gave their own life preservers knowing they were going to die. Baumann says the four chaplains were spotted by those they saved linking arms, praying, and singing as the ship went down. In the late 1940’s, congress recognized the men’s sacrifice and in 1961 President Dwight D. Eisenhower awarded them medals. Stamps were later commissioned to honor the four chaplains, which will be on display at the high school. All veterans and the public are welcomed to attend the Four Chaplains program that will get underway at 1pm. Baumann says this will be the last year the VFW Post 6709 in Waupun will organize the service. He says he hopes another organization picks it up next year. Those interested should contact Baumann at 920-960-9156.