UW Proposes Maximum Tuition Increase

7/12/11 – As expected, University of Wisconsin officials are asking for the largest tuition increase allowed in the new state budget for this fall – five-and-a-half percent. The U-W Board of Regents will act on the proposed tuition hikes on Thursday. System President Kevin Reilly says the tuition hikes range from about 300-dollars at the Stevens Point and Green Bay campuses to 400-dollars at the system’s largest schools in Madison and Milwaukee. The same five-and-a-half percent tuition hike is planned for the two-year colleges. Those schools escaped an increase a year ago. But university officials say they don’t have much leeway this time. The entire U-W System must absorb a 250-million-dollar funding cut under the state budget passed by majority Republicans last month. About 182-thousand students attended classes last year at 13 four-year campuses and 13 two-year colleges.