Utility Director Addresses Misconceptions Over Water Tower Rehab

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam’s Utility Director says there seems to be some misconceptions about how water towers are funded. Rob Minnema says some people are of the understanding that money being used to paint the water tower could be spent elsewhere in the city, like on roads. He says the misconception is that the painting of the water tower is tied to downtown funding and the two have nothing to do with each other. Minnema says the only reason there is any connection is because the city has to decide what type of logo will be painted onto the water tower, which he says is “maybe one percent of the cost” regardless of what logo is selected.

The wraparound design features the new city logo on two sides with the tagline: “Beaver Dam, Life Here Is Good.”  The complete exterior recoat is estimated to cost between $650-and-$700-thousand, which will be borrowed and paid back through the utility with traditional fee-based revenues. The new coat is expected to last 25 years.

“The majority of the cost of the painting…and rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the tower,” he says, “and that is from water utility funds and has nothing to do with taxpayer money or downtown money, its through your water rates.”

The painting of the water tower in downtown Beaver Dam has been delayed until next year to accommodate upgraded work by cell companies renting space on the tower.