Updated Cost Estimates Suggest Over $500,000 In Damages Caused By Car That Crashed Into Beaver Dam Middle School

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Unified School District says updated cost estimates suggest will over $500,000 in damages was caused after a car crashed into the middle school last week. Beaver Dam Unified School District Communications Officer Nicole White says over the last several days there have been over 80 professionals and numerous crews on site. The middle school has been cleaned and remediated including ceiling tiles, air ducts, lockers, floors and walls. White says each room has been tested by a certified third-party hygienist and was deemed safe for occupancy. The district announced, as of Thursday, that the middle school will be operational for the first day of school with the exception of the gymnasium, locker rooms and library. White says the library should be open shortly after the school year while the gym will be available sometime in early December. She adds that the district has been extremely pleased with the level of cooperation and outreach during this situation and that their insurance company as well as contracted partners has been (quote) “remarkable” to date. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says despite the inconveniences and unsettledness, everyone is coming together to help start school on time in a clean and safe building.