Uncle Bill Aids In Marriage Polka Proposal

(Beaver Dam) Local legend Uncle Bill on Friday helped a young couple start a new life together. Carrie Yerges of Jefferson is a senior at UW Oshkosh who grew up listening to the Barn Show. Her boyfriend Clint Bergsma of Evansville had a special request for Uncle Bill. 

“When she met her boyfriend Clint,” Bill McCollum explained Friday during the Barn Show on WBEV, “she had to teach this guy how to do the polka. So, with that in mind, Carrie, we want you to crank up your woofers and your tweeters – I know Carrie’s tuned in at her mom’s house tonight – enjoy the Barn Show song we’ve got for you Carrie from Clint here we go, requested just for Carrie Yerges.”  

The song that Clint requested Uncle Bill play for Carrie was recorded by Walter Ostanck, known as “Canada’s Polka King,” who has received twenty-one Grammy Award nominations and won three. Of course, the particular song requested had a special message. 

“Darling here’s an engagement ring,” the lyrics to the Marry Me Polka read, “for our love is the real thing, marry me oh merry me, now’s the time it’s you for me.”  

After the song played, Uncle Bill had a chance to catch up with the young couple. 

“Well, Clint you rascal you,” Uncle Bill said, “is it safe to ask the answer that you got from Carrie?” 

“I, uh, I said ‘yes’” Carrie said. 

“What was your reaction when you heard,” Uncle Bill asked. 

“Um, my heart just kind of started pounding,” Carrie explained choking back tears, “and I tried to not cry.” 

Clint and Carrie have not yet set a date, but they told Uncle Bill as soon as they do, his wedding invitation will be in the mail. 

Listen to the Barn Show segment here: