TNT Gentleman’s Club Legal Counsel Responds To Scott Fitzgerald

(Lebanon) The legal counsel for TNT Gentleman’s Club in Lebanon has responded to statements made by Senator Scott Fitzgerald regarding the establishments liquor license renewal. TNT’s license renewal was called into question after alleged incidents of sex-trafficking at the strip club came to light in a federal indictment. Lebanon officials approved the license last week. The Hardware Store in Clyman was also named in the federal complaint, their license was renewed last month. Jeff Olson, of the Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm, S.C. in Madison, says that city councils were well advised by attorneys and found no grounds for nonrenewal. He added that no reliable evidence of human trafficking by these clubs was found and says that these establishments understand the criminality behind it but notes exotic dancing is protected by the First Amendment. Fitzgerald commented earlier this week that he has been in contact with the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to explore ways of rectifying an imbalance between local municipalities and the establishments deep-pocketed owners and their Madison-based attorneys. Olsen says any government action to curtail free expression is potentially actionable for damages. He says that the human trafficking investigation is ongoing and when it is concluded, wrongdoers who can be will be prosecuted. Olsen continues to say until that time it would be unwise for state officials to attempt to use the human trafficking media wave as a tool to shut down constitutionally protected expression for moral or religious reasons. To read Olson’s full release click here: Jeff Olson Statement