Tiny is a 3 year old 60lb Shepard mix.
Tiny originally arrived to the Dodge County Humane Society from Texas in March of 2020 and was quickly adopted out. That family loved her and she did great. Unfortunately she got into a bit of a disagreement with the family’s other dog recently and they felt it would be best to rehome her.
Tiny is an amazing and very silly girl. She absolutely loves to be outside playing. It is very cute seeing her enjoy the snow. She also loves walks and does very well on them. Tinys calm and loving demeanor will make her a wonderful addition to any family. She is fully house and crate trained.
Tiny does have a bit of food aggression when it comes to other dogs. We believe that Tiny would do fine in a home with other dogs. As long as her adopters are smart and aware of this quirk of hers. She lived fine with the dog in her last home for a year until they had a disagreement over a treat. This is the first time anything like this had happened between them and they were fine together afterwards.
Meet Tiny this week at the Dodge County Humane Society
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