These rules from Men’s Health will help you lose weight:

Eat in 20 minutes
If you finish a meal in five minutes flat you’re probably scarfing down too much. Aim to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in 20 minute spans, timed from the first to the last bite. “This gives your brain enough time to recognize how much you’ve eaten says Brian St. Pierre, R.D., director of performance nutrition.

Stop at satisfied
Put down your fork when you’re satisfied, not stuffed. Of course, this can be tough to gauge when you’re staring down a plate of chips or wings, but here’s a trick: Ask yourself, “Would I still want to keep eating if that were a pile of steamed cauliflower?” If the answer is yes, nosh on; if it’s no, stop eating.

Have fries with that
Eyeing the poutine? Go for it. “There are no good and bad foods, ” St. Pierre says, “only foods you should eat more or less often.” This mindset eliminates guilt and deprivation and helps you stick to your good eating plan in general. Aim to hit your “perfect plate” foods 80 percent of the time.

Get enough sleep
Getting the proper amount of sleep between 7 and 9 hours helps you make better food choices.

Have dinner earlier
Stop eating around mid-afternoon and don’t start again until morning. “Restricted feeding” cuts appetite and ups fat burning at night, says Pennington Biomedical Research Center researchers.

Go low carb once a week
Eating just three low-carb meals in a 24-hour period lowers your insulin resistance say University of Michigan scientists. This helps your body burn more fat and protects it against high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Pretend you’re watching yourself stuff your face
To drop pounds try a little mental imagery, says a new report from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Seeing yourself from an external perspective could help you put on the breaks.