Suspect In Murder Of Beaver Dam Man In Court

(Town of Lebanon) A Portage man who is charged in connection with a murder in the town of Lebanon will plead his case in front of a judge in two weeks. Nigel Schultz is facing First Degree Intentional Homicide charges in the death of Bradlee Gerke of Beaver Dam who was found dead on October 31. During a review hearing Wednesday, it was determined that Schultz may be eligible for a state public defender. The 20-year-old was identified as the suspect by his girlfriend, who is the daughter of the property owner. Investigators reportedly found burned grass with spots of blood and part of a skull; Gerke’s body was found in a shallow grave in a nearby tree line covered in gasoline. Gerke was shot ten times in the back of his head and six times in the chest. Schultz initially denied pulling the trigger but allegedly later confessed.