Staffing Shortages, More Legislative Support Covered During Review Of Dodge County EMS Study

(Juneau) Dodge County EMS agencies met at the Juneau Fire Station Monday night to discuss a report of the region’s emergency medical services. Last week, Strategic Management and Consulting, LLC presented their completed study that analyzed the issues facing Dodge County EMS providers. The review was spearheaded by a steering committee made up of stakeholders representing emergency medical service agencies, local hospitals and townships hoping to reveal solutions to significant concerns about the sustainability of EMS services in the county.

The final report included several recommendations such as merging two or more agencies, establishing a more detailed succession plan or consider the creation of a County EMS District. Dan Williams, with Strategic Management and Consulting LLC, was fielded with questions concerning the lack of volunteers and how agencies should address the matter. He says getting the youth involved will be vital for the sustainability of EMS services.

Many agencies in attendance noted the lack of support from state legislators and a struggle to get funding to support local providers. Williams says it may take something dramatic to finally see change or a (quote) “aha moment” for legislators that could cost someone’s life.

It will be up to local ambulance services and municipalities to determine if they will implement any of the recommendations given in the report. While no deadline was given for implementation, Williams says many of the immediate recommendations they mentioned are already being applied.