Sheriff: ‘Spoofing Calls Difficult To Police’

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff says spoofing is a prevalent issue that is not going away anytime soon. The scam involves a conman who deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID to mask their identity. Often times they will call seeking payments on a past due bill using an iTunes gift card. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says constantly changing technology makes it difficult to pass laws prohibiting the practice and makes it challenging to track down the perpetrators.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt shared a recent scam that involved the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. He says a person was calling claiming to be the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office telling people a warrant was out for their arrest and needed to go to the jail immediately. Schmidt says attempts to gain information from the scammer were futile and the individual eventually hung up.

He says there is one simple piece of advice everyone should follow when receiving a suspicious phone call, (quote) “hang up.” Schmidt says there is no need to continue the phone call and if you cannot identify who is calling just hang up because it is not legitimate. Schmidt also encourages people to block suspicious numbers and to never give money to anyone that you do not know over the phone.