Sheriff Says Spillman Will Greatly Enhance Public Safety

Editors note: This story is the third in a three-part series looking at the implementation of the Spillman records management system that will link police agencies throughout Dodge County

11/26/17 – Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the transition to a new countywide records management system will aid law enforcement’s efforts to keep the region safe. Spillman will provide newer technologies and easier file sharing between the 17 local municipalities it will link together. Schmidt says outdated software with New World, the problematic three-year-old program Spillman is replacing, resulted in miscommunications in the past. There have been instances were EMS would be sent to the wrong location or the 911 system would crash and be offline for a short time. Schmidt says it has also led to delayed response times for EMS because it took too long to get the right unit selected. Recently on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt told us that Spillman will increase public safety. He says crimes will be solved much easier and with more efficiency than before. Schmidt says taxpayers pay good money for law enforcement to do their job well and Spillman will help with that. He adds that the county board fully supported the decision to purchase the Spillman software. In 2015, the Dodge County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Schmidt’s proposal to obtain the new system on a 33-0 vote, just a few years after spending millions on the troubled New World system. Schmidt says county supervisors all agreed that this was a wise investment to make. Spillman is set to go live on December 11.