Sheriff Outlines Opioid Challenges Facing Community

12/8/17 – It was a packed house Thursday night as around 150 people turned out to hear a presentation by the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office at the Trinity Community Center near Mayville. Sheriff Dale Schmidt outlined several major areas of concern that his office is focusing on including drug overdoses and property crimes. Schmidt says the typical heroin user nowadays starts off with a simple prescription for an injury before buying pills on the black market and then advancing to heroin to save money and get higher. The sheriff encourages people to pay attention to loved ones who are lying, question why their possessions are disappearing and ask why their grandchild is asking to borrow $25 every couple days. Schmidt says there are resources available to treat addiction that were not available before including outpatient services, a sober living house and court deferments for non-violent lawbreakers who seek treatment. Schmidt says the families of addicts should not be afraid to call police on a loved one who commits criminal acts. The audience asked Schmidt if the public could remain anonymous if they were to call authorities to report a crime. He says anyone who calls 9-1-1 can ask to be a confidential source but he says there are laws on the books to protect those who do provide their name. Schmidt encourages those who report crime to either give their name or remain anonymous but say that deputies can contact them to verify details of the investigation. The drug problem is not only driving property crimes but it is also fueling human trafficking. Schmidt says human trafficking is happening in Dodge County and his department is working with the FBI in some cases. He encouraged the group to contact authorities immediately if they suspect a loved one may be targeted.