Severe Weather Awareness Week In Wisconsin Begins

(Juneau) This week has been designated as “Severe Weather Awareness Week” in Wisconsin. To prepare for the upcoming severe weather season, on Thursday a mock tornado drill will be issued at 1:45pm and again at 6:45pm. Dodge County Emergency Management Director Amy Nehls the drill a great opportunity for the public to practice your tornado emergency plan with family, friends, and coworkers. Nehls says the “Four P’s that go into preparing an emergency kit including: Pills, Pets, Purses and Phones. More information as available at

With the start of “Severe Weather Awareness Week,” farmers are being encouraged to prepare for unexpected disasters. Officials with UW Madison Division of Extension Dodge County say to lessen the impacts of emergency events farm owners should develop and exercise an action plan.

They say an emergency action plan identifies and organizes employers and workers responsibilities in preparation for and when responding to a disaster. According to OSHA, the plan should include emergency escape procedures and routes, duties for designated workers after an alarm sounds, implementation of a chain of command, needed equipment and emergency contacts.

Extension officials say the best action plans are customized for the specific farm operation and require time and thought to establish. They say the plan should be discussed with each worker when they are hired or the workers responsibilities under the plan change.

For questions about creating an emergency action plan, please contact Extension Dodge County at 920-386-3790 or Dairy and Livestock Educator Amanda Young at [email protected]