Senate Passes Bill Authored By Two Local Politicians

(Madison) The Wisconsin Senate Wednesday passed a bill authored by two local politicians. The legislation by Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam and Senator John Jagler of Watertown would prohibit discrimination on the basis of a disability for an organ transplant. The bill was introduced after a Brownsville family reached to both Born and Jagler about how their son Malix, who has Down Syndrome and was born with a heart condition, was denied the opportunity for an organ transplant. The legislation clears up loopholes in the law that prevented Malix from having the surgery because of his disability. Jagler says no one with a disability should be discriminated against for any reason, let alone be told they are ineligible to get a lifesaving organ transplant. Born says this effort is for all of the future families that have a loved one with a disability that need an organ transplant, to ensure that it is an option for them and their medical team to consider. He adds that, luckily, Malix is doing great today. The bill will be voted on by the Assembly next week.