Reeseville Contracts Law Enforcement Services With DCSO

(Juneau) Reeseville has contracted law enforcement services with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. Community leaders reached out to Sheriff Dale Schmidt last spring to discuss the possibility of his agency policing the area. Reeseville always had coverage from the department, which responded to over 600 calls in the village last year. However, Schmidt says Reeseville wanted additional time on top of the usual calls for service his deputies responded to and to provide additional visibility. 

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt said that both sides agreed to an additional 10 hours a week. He says no one will know when his deputies will be in the area. Schmidt says they will also assign two deputies to handle nuisance ordinances and similar complaints. 

The sheriff says their goal is to provide community-orientated-policing and identify issues within the village so they can reduce the calls for service overall.   

The contract for services, which costs roughly $30-thousand-dollars, went into effect on January 1st. Schmidt says he has received a lot of positive feedback so far, not only from the community but the village board as well.