Public Health Officials Reminding Citizens That COVID Is Still Here

(Wisconsin) Public Health officials around Wisconsin are reminding the public that COVID is still here. Dr. Ben Weston, Milwaukee County’s Chief Health Policy Advisor, notes only 18-percent of county residents have received the bivalent booster for COVID.

“Now what population is that most important is, is the sixty-five plus population. And in that population, we haven’t even hit fifty-percent, we’re at about forty-nine-percent of our population sixty-five plus in the county has received that bivalent booster,” says Weston.

Weston urges younger folks to talk with their parents and grandparents about getting the booster. In Dodge County, 16-percent of the population have received the updated COVID booster. Just over 50-percent, or 44,314 residents, have completed the primary series.

“If you test positive for COVID 19, and you’re at risk for severe complications from infection, you’re going to want to reach out to your medical provider to see if you’re eligible for the available treatments. The most important thing with treatment is you need to start it within five days of symptom onset,” says Oneida Nation Director of Community Health Services Michelle Tipple.

Tipple says vaccines remain the best defense against the most devastating consequences of COVID, including hospitalizations, and death.

Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Health website

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