Proposed Bill Would Enhance Tractor Safety

(Madison) Some Wisconsin legislators want to pay farmers to make their tractors safer. The proposed bill would offer rebates to farmers to put roll over protection structures on their tractors. Assemblyman Bob Kulp says a lot of older models of tractors never had the feature installed.

“About half of the tractors that are in use in the state today don’t have that kind of protection, and when the tractor turns over for any number of reasons, it can pin the person that is driving it underneath and kill them”

Kulp says the issue is near to his heart because his own brother once rolled a tractor on his farm.

“Thankfully the tractor we had at that point had a roll over protection structure, but the reason he’s still my brother and still alive is because of that.”

Kulp says farming is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, and that farmers should have another measure of safety.

“A lot of these smaller family farms still have the tractors that were manufactured back in the 60s and 70s.”

A similar bill was introduced last year but never made it to the Governor’s desk. The bill is currently looking for co-sponsors in both the Assembly and the Senate.