Police Investigate ‘Concerning Messages’ Sent to Watertown School District Students, No Threat Found

(Watertown) The Watertown Police Department say there was no immediate threat after they investigated some “concerning messages” on social media. Police were contacted early Friday morning about some concerning Snapchat messages sent to students of the Watertown Unified School District.

Officers investigating the messages noted that a reference was made to a possible act of school violence. The agency says after looking into the matter, they determined that there was no immediate threat.

The Watertown Unified School District was notified. Officials with the department say out of an abundance of caution, their officers increased their presence in the school district through the day Friday. The department’s investigation is on-going, and two juveniles have been questioned in this incident.

Officials say the initial information indicates charges will be referred to the Jefferson County Human Services and District Attorney’s Office.