Plots Available For Beaver Dam Community Garden

(Beaver Dam) Garden plots are available to rent this season for those in the Beaver Dam area. Tekla Wlodarczyk Nunez says whether you’re an apartment-dweller or just have a tree-covered property, you can reserve a plot at the Beaver Dam Area Community Garden.

Wlodarczyk-Nunez says this garden began in 2011 when the city offered up the property located at the corner of Judson Drive and Jefferson Street. She says the rain needs to subside so tilling work can be done before the space is officially opened but she notes that should be done before Memorial Day. In addition to the 400-square-foot space, which is divided up into 20-by-20-sqaure-foot plots, there are eight, raised bed gardens for those with limitations on bending. There is also a compost area and shared tools are available.

Wlodarczyk-Nunez says newcomers are welcomed and notes that there are services available through the Dodge County Master Gardener program to aid those who are just getting started. Those interested in gardening at the site are asked not to use pesticides but rather organic options so harmful chemicals do no travel to neighboring plots.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Wlodarczyk-Nunez said there are many benefits to gardening which can be therapeutic to some. Twenty-by-20 plots cost $20 dollars for the season and they can be sub-divided into 10-by-20 plots for $15 dollars. The raised bed plots cost $25 dollars. Interested individuals can reserve a plot by going to the Beaver Dam Community Garden Facebook page, emailing [email protected] or by calling President Dave Rogers at 920-887-2440.