Pfitzinger Appointing As Presiding Judge In Dodge County

(Juneau) A new judge is overseeing the four branches of the Dodge County Circuit Court system. Judge Brian A. Pfitzinger has been appointed as Dodge County Presiding Judge, effective June 1. The announcement was made Tuesday by Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow, who is the Chief Judge of the Third Judicial Administrative District which includes Dodge County.

Pfitzinger takes over for Judge Steven Bauer, who has held the position of presiding judge for the last four years. Bauer is apparently not seeking another term in office and wanted to assist with budgeting and other responsibilities during the transition. He says that the orderly transition of power gives the court an enduring stability.  Pfitzinger, who took over for Judge Daniel Klossner in 2008, intends to seek re-election when his current term expires in 2020.

Bauer believes that Pfitzinger will make sure that the courts remain on a steady course as it undergoes some significant transitions.  That includes the pending overhaul of the court’s video and audio system which is slated to get underway on June 3.

Pfitzinger, who has been on the bench for 11 years, says “he is honored to have been appointed…and looks forward to the challenges that the new position holds.”  He says he plans to continue the great working relationship that the court has internally, with the Dodge County Board and with the other departments that service and are involved with the courts.

Pfitzinger says he has “significant appreciation and thanks for the amazing work Judge Bauer has done” over the last four years and says his continued guidance and assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Pictured left to right: Judge Brian Pfitzinger, Judge Steven Bauer