Pardeeville Man Arrested In Cambria For Ninth OWI

(Cambria) The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Pardeeville man early Sunday morning for ninth offense Operating While Intoxicated. Just before 2am, deputies allegedly observed Matthew Hollendyke swerving and striking a curb while attempting a parking maneuver in the village of Cambria. Hollendyke exited his vehicle and was reportedly seen struggling to maintain his balance while walking. Sheriff Roger Brandner says deputies made contact with the 38-year-old and was arrested and transported to the Columbia County Jail where he is being held on a probation hold. In addition to this ninth OWI offense, Hollendyke was also charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle after Revocation and Failure to Install an Ignition Interlock Device. Brandner encourages anyone who drinks this Memorial Day Weekend to do so in moderation and to act responsibly. He says the Wisconsin State Tavern League’s Safe Ride program can assist motorists who may be too impaired to drive home.