Organ Transplant Bill Authored By Two Local Politicians Passes The Assembly

(Madison) The Wisconsin Assembly Wednesday passed a bill authored by two local politicians. The legislation by Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam and Senator John Jagler of Watertown would prohibit discrimination on the basis of a disability for an organ transplant. The bill was introduced after a Brownsville family reached out to both Born and Jagler about how their son Malix who was denied the surgery because of his disability. Malix, born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition, did survive a high-risk surgery that repaired his heart. Under current law, quality of life and ability to comply with post-operative treatment are among the considerations for eligibility for organ transplants. The bill changes these factors to require consideration of the individual’s support system in assisting post-operation. Born says the way current law is written further stacked the odds against Malix’s favor and its past time they give individuals with disabilities the same life-saving options as those without. Jagler says Malix has shown that organ transplant discrimination is real and needs to be addressed. The bill new heads to the Governor’s desk for a signature.