Ordinance Change Banning Gravel Driveway Additions Tabled

(Beaver Dam) After much discussion, the Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night tabled proposed changes to an ordinance that would prohibit gravel driveway extensions in front yards. In 2010, the council approved an ordinance that outlaw’s people from parking on their lawn, unless they convert a portion of their lawn to a driveway extension with concrete, asphalt or gravel.

The new law would prohibit the gravel driveway extensions in the front of the house and would make those with pre-existing gravel driveway extensions convert the gravel back to green space, unless exempted by the city. Existing gravel improvements would not be grandfathered-in. Gravel would still be allowed on the side and rear of residential properties and those already with asphalt and concrete driveway extensions would not have to do anything.

Proposed amendments failed Monday night that would have allowed those with gravel driveways one year, or until they sell the home, to convert to asphalt or concrete driveways.

City Building Inspector John Moosereiner (pictured) says the change would affect between 20-and-30 properties. The amendment to table came with the directive that an ad hoc committee be assembled to find wording that address concerns raised on the council floor.

To address those who may lose parking because of proposed changes outlawing the gravel driveway extension, the common council voted last (Monday) night to lower the cost of a winter parking permit from $40 to $25. However, there is now a $50 fine for failing to shovel the snow around a permitted car parking on the street. Offenders previously had to pay the costs of city crews to perform the work.