Nine Coronavirus Deaths Reported After Three Day Hiatus

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials are reporting an increase of 495 cases of COVID-19 in Tuesday’s daily update. Three-point-nine-percent (3.9%) of the 12,000 tests administered came back positive Tuesday, compared to 9.2-percent Monday. There are 5,988 active cases in the state, which is 18-percent of the 32,556 people who have tested positive. So far, there have been 25,758 recoveries.

State health officials recorded nine more deaths yesterday, after three consecutive days of no change, bringing that number to 805. Deaths accounted for two-and-a-half-percent (2.5%) of all cases in Wisconsin while just over 11-percent of those known to have contracted the virus needed to be hospitalized.

Dodge County has five deaths on record and 487 cases, an increase of three from Monday. The county had 99 negative tests returned for a running total of 11,271. Public health officials in Dodge County are actively monitoring 32 people while 218 have recovered.

Washington County has 16 deaths on record and has 443 cases to date. Fond du Lac County has six deaths and 339 positive tests. Jefferson County has four deaths and 292 cases. There has been one death in Columbia County where there have been 104 positive cases. Green Lake County has 40 cases.



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