News – October 28, 2021

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office will be partnering with probation and parole agents this Halloween to conduct random home visits of registered sex offenders on DOC supervision. These checks will also happen in communities across the state during local trick-or-treating hours. The DOC supervises nearly 63,000 people on community supervision, probation, or parole, including 6,240 registered sex offenders. Restrictions for registered sex offenders were established to protect children out trick-or-treating, and they include: having any Halloween decorations, either insider or outside the residence and handing out candy.

(Juneau) The Dodge County Health Department will be hosting a COVID vaccine clinic Friday. Health officials say all three vaccine brands will be available. Only the Pfizer vaccine is available for those aged 12 and older with both the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine for those 18 and up. The clinic will be between 1pm and 3pm at the Dodge County Public Health Building located at 199 County Road DF in Juneau. Appointments are strongly encouraged and can be made by calling 920-386-4304.

(Green Lake County) The Green Lake County Health Department has announced a change for its Walk-In Wednesday COVID vaccine clinics. Health officials say they will still have walk-in hours from 10am to 2pm every Wednesday. However, individuals wishing to be vaccinated will now be required to pre-register, which can be done in advance online. You do not need to pick a specific location or create an appointment, just go through the registration process. Both Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be offered at the clinic.

(Dodge County) Jobless claims in the region have gone down from August to September. The state Department of Workforce Development says the unemployment rate in Dodge County last month was 2.7-percent, down from the 3.3-percent logged in August. It is also a percentage point lower than what the county saw last September. The county was ranked 12th in Wisconsin for unemployment rates, up one spot from where they were in August. Statewide jobless numbers have remained steady over the last six-months at 3.9-percent, despite the removal of enhanced unemployment benefits.

(Madison) The Wisconsin Assembly Wednesday passed a bill authored by two local politicians. The legislation by Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam and Senator John Jagler of Watertown would prohibit discrimination on the basis of a disability for an organ transplant. The bill was introduced after a Brownsville family reached out to both Born and Jagler about their son Malix who was denied the surgery because of his condition. Malix, born with Down Syndrome and a heart condition, did survive a high-risk surgery that repaired his heart. The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk for a signature.

(Madison) Republican authored bills aimed at abortion in Wisconsin have passed both chambers of the legislature. One bill prohibits the state from certifying abortion providers as Medicaid providers. Two others ban abortions based on sex or race and require doctors to provide expectant parents information about congenital conditions. A fourth would require doctors to notify women that a medication-induced abortion could be reversed. – WRN