News – November 2, 2011

Racer Died from Natural Causes

11/2/11 – Columbia County Sheriff’s officials are now saying the racer that died at Columbus 151 Speedway this past weekend did so from natural causes and not from injuries related to the crash. They say 52-year-old Thomas Nevoso of Twin Lakes died during a Gladiator Endurance Auto Racing Series race. According to various media reports, other drivers reported seeing Nevoso’s head go limp prior to the crash but authorities did not elaborate on the exact cause of death.

First Day of Conceal Carry Draws Big Interest

11/2/11 – Wisconsin’s attorney general was the first to receive a state permit to carry a concealed weapon – and by late yesterday afternoon, 85 others had received theirs. It was the first day that law-abiding residents could carry hidden weapons to protect themselves. Republican Attorney General J-B Van Hollen said he deserved to get Permit Number-One, after all the work he put into the new law. Another reason he went first was, “If things went awry, who am I going to complain to?” Almost 150 applications had been received at the State Justice Department office by late in the afternoon – and almost 125 had been approved after the required background checks. By nine a-m yesterday, over 80-thousand people downloaded permit application forms from the Justice Department’s Web site. And by noon, about 800-thousand people had logged onto the Web site – 10 times the activity of a normal day. Deputy law enforcement administrator Dave Zibolski expects up to 200-thousand applicants in the first few months, based on activity in the 48 other states which allow concealed weapons. Permit applicants must be at least 21 and have four hours of approved training for their weapons. At the State Capitol, a few protestors carried signs yesterday against the new law. One read, “Don’t shoot.”

BDPD Fully Operational Saturday

11/2/11 – The new Beaver Dam Police Station is expected to be operational by third shift on Saturday night. That’s what Police Chief Ron Smith told the city’s Police and Fire Commission last night. He says the last of the furniture is being moved into place this week and Wal-Mart has donated a box truck and driver to help move everything else on Friday and Saturday. Meanwhile, Fire Chief Alan Mannel says his employees are eager to “spread their wings” and move into the space being vacated by the police department. Preliminary plans call for renovating the first floor next year for use as office and classroom space.

Fitzgerald Discusses Special Session On Jobs

11/2/11 – State Senator Scott Fitzgerald held a Telephone Town Hall Meeting last night to discuss jobs, the state budget and pending legislation. The Juneau Republican appeared with us earlier in the day on WBEV’s Community Comment. He says the first Telephone Town Hall Meeting he held earlier this year drew up to 40,000 people from across the state. Last night’s teleconference was open to anyone but he says it was geared toward his constituents in his 13th State Senate District to provide an update on legislative happenings. Fitzgerald defended the Special Session on Jobs by saying that some of the legislation may not be targeted to a specific job being created but ultimately they build a business-friendly climate to spur businesses from other states to expand or move to Wisconsin.

Assembly Approves Moving Primaries to August

11/2/11 – Wisconsin’s fall partisan primaries would be moved from September to August, under a change approved by the state Assembly last night. The vote was 67-to-28, as Independent Bob Ziegelbauer joined about two-thirds of Democrats in voting no. The change would give officials more time to print November ballots to reflect the results of the fall primaries, so military troops and overseas voters could receive them earlier. A new federal law requires states to send those overseas ballots at least 45 days before the election. Some Democrats opposed the change,

saying students who vote at college could not take part in the primaries, because classes would not have started yet. The measure now goes back to the Senate, after the Assembly decided not to charge people for replacement I-D’s if they lose the ones they get for free under the new law that requires voters to show photo I-D’s at the polls. The Senate would have to ratify that change before the bill can go to the governor for his signature.

BD Man Faces Felonies In Separate Cases

11/2/11 – A Beaver Dam man is facing Burglary and Identity Theft charges. Andrew Rettschlag is accused of stealing tools from a Beaver Dam business in September and selling the items at a Waupun pawn shop for $125. According to the criminal complaint, Rettschlag said he worked at the unnamed Madison Street business and was owed $40. The 26-year-old is also charged with Misappropriating Identity Information to Obtain Money for allegedly stealing a friend’s debit card and spending $360.

Fox Lake Man Accused of OWI Injury

11/2/11 – A Fox Lake man is accused of injuring himself and a passenger in a drunken driving crash. Dean A. Pillsbury is charged with two misdemeanor counts of OWI – Causing Injury for the August accident in the Town of Westford. According to the criminal complaint, the 55-year-old missed a curve and lost control of the vehicle before rolling into the ditch. Both he and his passenger sustained cuts and abrasions to their faces and head. Pillsbury’s blood alcohol level was said to be over the legal limit for driving at point-one-zero-two (0.102).

Veteran Sentenced In Triple OWI Homicide

11/2/11 – An Iraq War veteran from Madison was sentenced to 13 years in prison yesterday (Tue) for a drunk driving crash that killed three Minnesota college students a year ago. 32-year-old Bradley Erickson must also spend 15 years under extended supervision once he gets out. Erickson had a blood alcohol level almost twice the legal limit when his car slammed into a disabled vehicle on Interstate-90-94 just north of Madison last October. 19-year-old Marcus Johnson of Milwaukee and 23-year-old Wilfredo Ugarte of Puerto Rico – both members of the University of Minnesota spirit team – were killed along with 20-year-old Elysia Rapp of Racine, a student at Century College in suburban Saint Paul. Prosecutors wanted a sentence of 25-to-31 years in prison on three convictions of drunken homicide and causing injury to another person. But Dane County Circuit Judge Julie Genovese said no one is served by handing down the sentence the D-A wanted. The judge said prosecutors did not consider Erickson’s circumstances as a Marine with post-traumatic stress syndrome. Genovese said the man’s condition was not treated promptly because the Veterans Administration quote, “let down” veterans like Erickson – and the judge considered Washington’s inaction as a mitigating factor in her sentencing.

Oshkosh Corp Profits Falling

11/2/11 – The Oshkosh Corporation reports another big drop in its profits, due to government budget cuts and reduced sales of its military vehicles and fire trucks. Oshkosh reports a net profit of 37-and-a-half million dollars from July-through-September, the final quarter of its fiscal year. That’s down 68-percent from the same quarter a year ago. Earnings plunged from 1.28-per-share to 41 cents. But outside analysts had predicted an even bigger drop, to 33 cents. Revenues totaled two-point-one billion dollars, up slightly from a year ago. Oshkosh also reduced its outlook for the next fiscal year which began October first. That’s mostly caused by military vehicle tire orders which were moved to another Pentagon contract.

Catholics Not Necessarily Banning Concealed Weapons

11/2/11 – Wisconsin’s Catholic bishops will not order their churches to ban concealed weapons now that the state law that allows them has taken effect. But the five bishops say they want

parishioners not to carry hidden weapons into churches as a sign of reverence. The Catholic leaders say they want pastors to remember that the church stresses non-violent resolutions of conflicts – and churches have long traditions of being sanctuaries for those fleeing violence. Like most other public buildings and businesses, Wisconsin church will have to post signs if they ban concealed weapons.