News – July 22, 2022

(Beave Dam) A Beaver Dam woman who failed to stay out of trouble while on a plea agreement for a drug conviction was given prison time Thursday. Amanda Westover entered into a deferred prosecution agreement on a felony Meth charge but failed to stay out of trouble while on two years’ probation. She was re-sentenced to a year-and-a-half in prison and was placed on extended supervision for two years. Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg says the drug court program has successfully helped many people through their addictions, but some participants are just not ready to embrace recovery.

(Jefferson County) Local and federal authorities are investigating a worker’s death near Palmyra Wednesday. A construction worker was killed when he fell from a scaffold and was impaled on a metal stake. When emergency responders arrived, they say the man was not breathing, and did not have a pulse. The stake was cut, and life-saving measures were performed, but the worker died before they could get him to a hospital. – WRN

(Juneau) The challenger in the race for Dodge County sheriff says a change in leadership is needed. Mark Colker, who is a 24-year law enforcement veteran, points to the sheriff’s office current work environment as a reason there has been a high turnover rate in recent years. Colker says Sheriff Dale Schmidt attributes that to retirements, but he believes (quote) “staff are not being treated the way they should be.” You can listen to Colker’s full interview at Sheriff Dale Schmidt will join Community Comment Friday. The show starts at 12:35pm.

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam’s recently departed director of utilities has been hired back for consulting work. The common council this week approved a contract with Probst Group of Brookfield to use the services of Rob Minnema. The contract calls for a maximum of 96 hours over six months at an hourly rate of $150-per hour.

(Waupun) SSM Health Waupun Memorial Hospital now has a permanent MRI machine parked outside its facility. Opening this week, the new scanner – provided by Siemens – will be located alongside Beaver Dam Street and will be operational weekdays. Director of SSM Health Greater Fond du Lac Region Imaging Services Bill Daly says this permanent device, featuring a brand-new magnet, will help them ensure they are able to meet current and future needs.

(Oshkosh) With EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh just days away, thousands of volunteers are positioned for the work associated with staging the world’s largest fly-in and convention. It takes over 5,600 volunteers to do the work leading up to and during the event. AirVenture begins next Monday at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and runs through July 31st.