News – December 1, 2021

(Beaver Dam) The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently announced that Beaver Dam was awarded a Brownfields Grant. Brownfields are abandoned, idle and underused commercial or industrial properties where reuse is stalled by potential contamination. The grant, from the DNR’s Wisconsin Assessment Monies program, provides contractor services worth up to $35,000 for the environmental assessment of eligible brownfield sites. Beaver Dam’s grant will support the assessment of a 1.6-acre site at 109 Ryan Cantafio’s Way, where there is suspected environmental contamination. The city acquired the property from Dodge County in 2018 to promote economic development and reduce blight downtown.

(Dodge County) Gun deer licenses were down nearly a percent this year compared to 2020. That according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources which says that 564-thousand licenses were sold through the end of the nine-day season that wrapped Sunday, compared to 569-thousand in 2020. Preliminary figures show a drop in the deer harvest with 175-thousand registered this year, a decrease of nearly 15-thousand deer from the 190-thousand registered last year. In Dodge County, there were 2,443 deer harvested this year compared to 2,776 last year, a decrease of 12-percent.

(Emmet) A Reeseville man was found guilty Tuesday of assaulting a child. Marcus Statz admitted to assaulting the teenage victim between October and January at a farm in Emmet. The 47-year-old faces up to 40 years in prison. A pre-sentencing investigation was ordered and Statz is due back in court on February 14th.

(Dodge County) Sheriff Dale Schmidt says that while drones are becoming more common, and no one wants their privacy infringed upon, residents should think twice before taking matters into their own hands. The sheriff says that there are uncontrolled public airspaces where drones are allowed to operate, including over private property. He advises anyone who is concerned about where a drone is flying to contact the authorities, and not to try and shoot it down. He warns “what goes up must come down, you are always responsible for your round.”

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Charities, Inc. has raised nearly $5-thousand-dollars for the victims of the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy. The organization announced that they have received $2,755 in donations through Tuesday. The Beaver Dam Police Charities as well as the Beaver Dam Professional Firefighter Charities are contributing a $2,000 match bringing the total to $4,755. There is also an option to donate online through American Bank. A link can be found at

(Wisconsin) The Wisconsin Supreme Court rules it will not consider partisan balance in drawing the state’s new political maps. The 75 page, 4-3 decision spells out that the justices will make the “minimum changes necessary” to current Congressional and legislative districts. That’s the course argued for by Republican legislators, who drew maps that differed little from those drawn by the Republican controlled legislature following the 2010 census. – WRN