News – April 1, 2016

More Prison Time For WCI Inmate Who Attacked Two People


4/1/16 – A Waupun Correctional Institution inmate will have two years added to his prison sentence for attempting to murder a fellow inmate.  Eric D. Conner was sentenced to 22 years in prison yesterday; twenty years of the sentenced will be served at the same time as his current prison sentence while the remaining two years were ordered to be served consecutive. Conner was found guilty in a Dodge County courtroom earlier this week on a reduced count of felony Attempted Second Degree Intentional Homicide and felony Battery by Prisoners.  The 29-year-old was facing an Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide charge.  Conner attacked another inmate with a ‘shank’ last February and the two exchanged punches until a corrections officer pepper sprayed Conner.  Conner placed the officer in a chokehold, flipped him over his shoulder onto the ground, and punched him several times in the head and neck area.  The officer was taken to the hospital with bleeding and scratches.  Conner told investigators that he (quote) “didn’t want to fight” and “had intentions on killing.”   He said the shank was created for self-defense.  Conner said he only attacked the officer out of anger for being pepper sprayed.  Conner must also spend another 13 years under extended supervision after he leaves prison. He’s serving a 33-year sentence for an armed robbery in which John Remy of Menasha was stabbed to death, plus 16 years for multiple sexual assaults.


Klomberg Applauds Signing Of Prosecutor Protections Bill


4/1/16 – The Dodge County District Attorney is applauding the governor’s signature on a bill that provides more protections to prosecutors. On Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker signed legislation that makes it a felony to spit or expel body fluid on a prosecuting attorney. Dodge County DA Kurt Klomberg was on hand for the bill signing. Klomberg says he worked closely on the legislation with Representative Novak and was very pleased by his understanding of the issues and need for the protection for prosecutors working in counties with maximum security prisons.  The Dodge County DAs office prosecutes dozens of cases of inmates spitting and throwing other bodily substances on our corrections officers each year.  He says that places him at risk of being the victim of this type of behavior each time he steps into a courtroom with that type of offenders. Klomberg had defendant spit a spitball at him in court last year.  He says before the law was signed, it was just not worth it to prosecute for misdemeanor disorderly conduct because it just gave the inmate a free day out of prison with no substantial time being added to their sentence. Prior law provided protections to police officers, fire fighters, corrections officers, first responders and ambulance crews.


Watertown Man To Prison For Burglary


4/1/16 – A Watertown man will spend three years in prison for breaking into a home.  Jon Quartullo Jr. pled guilty yesterday to a felony Burglary count.  Two misdemeanors were dismissed and read into the record.  The 29-year-old stole two tablet computers, pills, and money in September 2013 to support his heroin addiction.  A crime lab matched Quartullo Jr’s fingerprints with those on a pill dispenser and lock box in the house.  Quartullo Jr. will also be under extended supervision for three years.


Oshkosh Man Accused Of Sex With Minor In Waupun


4/1/16 – An Oshkosh man has been charged in Dodge County of having sexual relations with a teenager.  Neil Kienast is facing felony charges of Sexual Assault of a Child Under the Age of 16 and Use of a Computer to Facilitate a Child Sex Crime.  According to the criminal complaint, the 20-year-old admitted to having inappropriate relations with the same 15-year-old victim twice in August 2014, once in Waupun and once in Oshkosh.  If he is found guilty on both counts, Kienast faces up to 80 years in prison.  His initial appearance is April 18.


Watertown Man Accused Of Home Break-In


4/1/16 – A Watertown man is accused of breaking into his friend’s house to steal electronics.  Jubal Bischoff is charged with one count of felony Burglary as a party to a crime.  The 18-year-old is accused of breaking into a house in November and stealing three tablets, two video game systems, and blank checks.  His alleged co-conspirator Nathaniel Koplien reportedly tried to sell the stolen items and cash a couple forged checks.  If he is convicted, Bischoff faces over 12 years in prison.  Bischoff will make his initial appearance April 25 while Koplien will be arraigned April 13.


Horicon Man Pleads Not Guilty To Contact With Officer


4/1/16 – A Horicon man accused of making physical contact with an officer pled not guilty at arraignment yesterday.  Caleb Hagy is facing a felony count of Threatening an Officer along with three misdemeanors, all as a repeat offender.  According to the criminal complaint, police received a call last month from a man who wanted Hagy out of his apartment.  Upon arrival, Hagy allegedly pushed one of the officers and a struggle ensued.  When placed in the back of a squad car, the 22-year-old banged his head multiple times against the cage between the front and back seats.  Hagy reportedly threatened to injure or kill the officer multiple times.  If he is found guilty on all counts, Hagy faces over seven years in prison.  He will be back in court April 27.


Today Is Last Day For Absentee Voting


4/1/16 – Today (Friday) is the final day Wisconsinites can vote early at local clerk’s offices for Tuesday’s elections. As of yesterday (Thursday), state officials say almost twice as many absentee ballots have been issued than four years ago — when Democratic President Barack Obama was virtually unopposed for a second term. With spirited contests in both parties, the Government Accountability Board says 172-thousand absentee ballots were issued at last count — way up from the 95-thousand total ballots sent out in 2012. About 87-thousand Wisconsin residents voted at clerks’ offices at last count, three times as many as four years ago. For those with absentee ballots, officials say the deadline to mail them back is on Tuesday.


Delegates On The Line In Wisconsin Primary


4/1/16 – The five presidential candidates are competing for convention delegates in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary — and the way the system is set up, all five should get at least some delegates at their conventions this summer. The Wisconsin primary is actually eight separate elections for each party. That’s because 24 of the 42 G-O-P delegates will go to the winners in each of the state’s eight U-S House districts — and Democrats will give 57 of their 96 delegates to the winners in each House district, with more delegates assigned to the party’s highest-performing districts. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Ted Cruz looks strong in Metro Milwaukee, Donald Trump appears to be most popular in northern and western Wisconsin, and John Kasich could get some southern delegates even if he finishes last. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has the edge in Milwaukee, Bernie Sanders has Madison, and rest of the state appears up for grabs.


Mayville Mayoral Candidates Believe Opponent Bad For Taxes


4/1/16 – Both of Mayville’s mayoral candidates believe their opponent is dangerous when it comes to taxes.  In November, the common council adopted a budget with a $9.34 mill rate, up one-percent from the 2015 budget.  Alderman Rob Boelk says that is largely due to his opponent, Alderman Joe Hohmann, suggesting a last-minute change to include a $30,000 squad car in the budget.  Boelk says $6,000 had been spent on maintenance for that vehicle and notes a replacement squad was set to be purchased in 2017.  According to Boelk, Hohmann has merely been saying he will lower taxes without having a solid plan. Hohmann says there would have been an even larger tax increase in 2016 if the council went with Boelk’s ideas.  If Boelk’s suggestions were included in the budget, Hohmann says the city would have lost state aid that is awarded to municipalities that keep expenses down.  Hohmann says that would have led to a year-to-year increase of at least five percent.  According to Hohmann, Boelk would solve problems by continuously raising taxes.  Boelk and Hohmann are vying for the seat being vacated by one-term Mayor Bob Redeker.


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Beaver Dam Aldermanic Candidates On WBEV Today


4/1/16 – On WBEV’s Community Comment this afternoon we wrap-up our look at contested Dodge County-area races in the April election with two brand-new races. Two incumbents on the Beaver Dam Common Council who had filed non-candidacy changed their mind and this week filed campaign statements to run as a registered write-in. At 12:35pm we welcome into the studio Ken Anderson whose name will appear on the ballot for alderman in Ward Six. Our conversation with current incumbent Teresa Hiles-Olson will follow at 1pm. At 2pm this afternoon, we turn our attention to the Ward Eight seat where Rebecca Glewen is the only candidate on the ballot. The incumbent running as a write-in Mick McConaghy declined our request for an interview.


Interviewed With Dodge County Candidates In Contested Races


4/1/16 – There are several contested races on Dodge County ballots in next Tuesday’s election. You can hear our complete interviews with the candidates for Dodge County Board, Beaver Dam alderman and Mayville mayor on our website, you’ll find the links at and



District 1 Town of Fox Lake, Wards 1 & 2, City of Fox Lake

Ed Benter           

Julie A. Flemming


District 4 Town of Westford, Village of Randolph, Wards 1 & 2

Ed Nelson (declined interview)

Jerry Neis           


District 7 Town of Burnett, W2, Town of Hubbard, W4, 5, 6, Town Oak Grove

Town of Williamstown, W3, City of Horicon, W1 & W7, City of Mayville, W8

Randy Grebel (declined interview)

Richard Bennett  


District 8 City of Horicon, Wards 2-6

Holly Millard        

Rich Greshay      


District 9 Town of Herman, W1, Town of Hubbard, W1&2, Village Iron Ridge

Stephanie Justmann & Douglas Schulz


District 14 City of Mayville, Wards 1, 5 & 7

Phillip Gohr & Jeremy Bartsch


District 33 City of Beaver Dam, Wards 4, 8 & 10

Becky Glewen & Rodger Mattson




Alderperson, Ward 6

Teresa Hiles-Olson

Ken Anderson


Alderman, Ward 8

Mick McConaghy (declined interview)

Rebecca Glewen


Alderperson, Ward 12

Donna L. Maly     

Dan Doyle          




Joseph Hohmann & Robert Boelk Jr.