News 5/4/2010

Nehls will Run for Re-Election

5/4/10 – Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls says he will run for a third term this fall. Originally elected in 2002, Nehls will be looking for another four year term. In a press release announcing his candidacy, Nehls touted the transformation of the department under his leadership, including going from a reactive mode of law enforcement to being proactive. He also stated that in six of his seven years in office the department has had a budget surplus that totaled nearly 4-million-dollars. Currently, there are no other declared candidates

FFRF to Protest National Day of Prayer

5/4/10 – The same group that threatened legal action against Dodge County if they continued to have a prayer at the beginning of their board meetings will hold a rally at the State Capitol on Thursday, to protest government observances of the National Day of Prayer. The Freedom from Religion Foundation recently convinced Federal Judge Barbara Crabb to rule the day unconstitutional – a ruling the Obama White House is appealing. Judge Crabb said the prayer day violates the First Amendment’s ban on government-endorsed religion. But she said her ruling would not be enforced until all appeals are exhausted. The Dodge County Board now has a voluntary invocation before the meeting is called to order.

Farmers Ahead of Schedule

5/4/10 – Wisconsin farmers continue to get their crops in the ground much earlier than normal, even though it rained a little last week. Just over half of the Badger State’s corn is planted. That’s 31-percent more than a week ago, and 30 points ahead of the average for the past five years. 92-percent of the oats are planted, and 60-percent have emerged. 29-percent of soils statewide are short-or-very-short of moisture, while 63-percent is adequate. North central Wisconsin is the driest. Two-thirds of the fields there are said to be short-or-very-short on moisture.