National Weather Service: Waupun Damage Result Of Straight Line Winds

(Waupun) City crews in Waupun continue their cleanup efforts following the devastating storm that passed through the region on August 28. On that day, sirens were activated and a tornado was confirmed to have landed on Hemp Road near Waupun. According to the National Weather Service, the damage suffered by the city was due to straight line winds. The Waupun Public Utilities is working to make final repairs to stabilize local infrastructure and the Department of Public Works is continuing to pick up debris along the curbside until further notice. Dumpsters to dispose of household items damaged during the storm have been discontinued. However the city will hold their annual bulk pickup on October 8, 9 and 10. City Administrator Kathy Schlieve says Emergency Management and City Hall staff continue to gather data and that the information will be submitted for disaster relief. Schlieve says that residents who experienced storm damage are encouraged to call 2-1-1 or visit the storm update page on to access the online reporting form. All damage claims must be reported by September 19. Schlieve asks if citizens have pictures of downed trees or basement flooding to drop off copies of those images at city hall at 201 East Main Street or email them to [email protected].