Monday Begins National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week

(Juneau) Today kickoffs National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, this year’s theme is Drive Safe – Work Safe – Save Lives. Dodge County Highway Commissioner Brian Field is urging motorists to drive carefully in highway work zones through the 2021 construction season. In Wisconsin, “work zones” include major highway construction and rehabilitation, maintenance, emergency response, utility work and municipal projects – essentially any time in which there are flashing lights, signs, barrels, or workers on the road. Field says they ask drivers to eliminate distractions and to be mindful of their speed. Other safe driving recommendations include giving yourself room between vehicles and workers, be patient and plan ahead if a route has been detoured. A list of highway improvement projects in Dodge County this year include CTH M (CTH E – CTH JM) Reconstruction, CTH BB (STH 19 – STH 16/60), CTH CP (CTH G – Derge Park), CTH AC (Randolph – CTH C), CTH I (STH 26 – STH 49), CTH TW ( STH 28 – CTH Y), CTH TW (CTH V – CTH WT),  CTH S (Iron Ridge – CTH P), and CTH EM (CTH R – CTH ME).