MMCBD’s Angelia Foster Says COVID Surge Taking Toll On Staff

(Beaver Dam) Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam Chief Administrative Officer Angelia Foster says they have seen a significant increase in COVID activity at the hospital and throughout Dodge County. She says they are already seeing numbers at the half-way point through August that they had seen through all of July.  

Foster says it is even more demoralizing for staff when they see 94-percent of admissions are for unvaccinated people. She says many in the healthcare field are choosing to retire after dealing with multiple COVID surges over the last year-and-a-half which has put a strain on their ability to serve patients. She says they are tired and are exhausted physically by the demands of the job. Foster adds that even though she has capacity in her ICU for six beds, she only has staff for four. 

Foster says it is disappointing to be back a place where difficult healthcare decisions will have to be made because of a lack of ICU beds. She says they will be ready to meet the needs of the community no matter what, but the hospital needs the community’s help as well. Foster says the public needs to social distance, wear masks, and get vaccinated. 

Foster says she understands the desire for independent decisions but there is a responsibility to the collective. She says if you do not want to get vaccinated for yourself, do so for the children, noting that over 21-hundred kids are currently hospitalized nationwide.