Beaver Dam Health Officials Launch Campaign To Curb COVID-19 Spread

(Beaver Dam) Local health officials are asking the public to embrace safety measures to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam Chief Administrative Officer Angelia Foster announced a new campaign Thursday on WBEV called “Mask Up For Me,” urging the public to maintain social distance, wash their hands, avoid large crowds and wear as mask when out in public. 

“Please look out for each other,” she says, “I hear many people say ‘Angelia masks don’t work’ but the science says that they do. And the way I know that for sure as a health care provider, if they didn’t, we wouldn’t have spent the past 40 years every time someone has surgery, making sure we’re all masked up to reduce their risk of infection. We know that they work. We know that people don’t like it but sometimes we have to do what we don’t necessarily want to do.”  

Foster noted that Wisconsin is “being pushed to the brink” with hospitalization rates. She says we are fortunate in Dodge County to “have a few beds available” but there are concerns about further increases in the community and potential shortages of health care workers because they have may have been exposed to the virus, forcing them to quarantine.  

“We’ve had other hospitals in the region reaching out to us asking to transfer their sick patients to us because they don’t have any more resources,” she says, “And we’ve been in a position to try to say ‘yes’ while also being mindful that the numbers in Dodge County are climbing. So, if we get into that position, we’re going to have to send them somewhere else, whether that’s Madison or Milwaukee or the field hospital at the state fairgrounds. We don’t want to be in that position. I really would encourage people to follow the CDC guidelines.” 

Foster notes that coronavirus symptoms and flu symptoms are similar, which could create problems as the cold weather moves in; she is encouraging everyone to get a flu shot.