Mayville Officials Seek To Better Promote City

(Mayville) Officials in Mayville are exploring their options on how to best promote the city. Members of the Finance Committee discussed the matter Monday night which was brought forth by Mayor Rob Boelk who says a recent trip to a nearby city spurred this initiative. Boelk says while at a recent trip to Cedarburg to tour their library he was talking with several residents who did not know where Mayville was.

Finance Chair Gene Frings agreed with the mayor’s sentiments and noted that the Mayville Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Mayville should play a role in the process. Boelk says the city needs to take advantage of a nearby point of interest. He says the Horicon Marsh draws in 300,000 visitors a year and if ten-percent knew where Mayville was they may want to come and stay in the city.

While discussions are still being had on which ways to promote Mayville to a broader audience, Boelk suggested geo-fencing as an option to market to a specific group of people. He says which can be an option when a visitor of the Horicon Marsh goes to the visitor center.

Mayville’s Community Development Authority was tasked with researching the matter and coming up with different resources for promoting the city.