Mayville Offers EMS Contract To Williamstown, With Stipulations

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council agreed Monday night to offer Williamstown their EMS services only if the town signs off on several stipulations. The one-year contract totals $7,150 dollars and includes the service of three ambulances but only if Williamstown agrees to two stipulations: a stay in zoning and land splits. Mayville is seeking to protect their borders from zoning changes that could be made without say from the city.

The issue stems from the recent approval by the state Department of Administration to merge the town with the village of Kekoskee. The entity will be renamed the village of Williamstown giving the area ‘home rule.’ That means the new village would be equal to the city of Mayville when it comes to, among other things, annexing land. The city is currently in the process of appealing that decision and a hearing on the matter is scheduled for January 8.

Mayville Mayor Rob Boelk says this is a fair offer. The city had previously offered their EMS services to Williamstown if they agreed to a temporary stay in their merger plan which was ultimately rejected. The village and town have already taken steps to combine their operations and their elected officials are already in place.

Boelk says while that cannot be undone, he still hopes to come to some agreements on matters that are important to the city. Williamstown will review the contract on December 18 along with any other bids they have received from other ambulance providers.