Mayville Council Reviews Lawsuit In Closed Session

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council met in closed session Monday night to discuss a lawsuit brought forth by a former police officer against the city and its chief of police. Attorneys for Mark Forster say that Police Chief Ryan Vossekuil broke a confidentiality agreement in Forster’s 2016 resignation. In August, Vossekuil allegedly wrote a letter to the city clerk and Dodge County Sheriff about a possible conflict of interest on the city council. In that letter Vossekuil apparently mentioned that he investigated an alleged incident of misconduct by Forster while Forster was employed as an officer. Forster maintains that the mere mention of the alleged misconduct broke the confidentiality agreement. In a separate incident, Vossekuil reportedly mentioned the alleged misconduct to Watertown police detectives while they were collecting information related to the alteration of documents by former Mayville Police Chief Chris MacNeill. At last word, the claim was seeking in excess of $700-thousand dollars for lost wages and benefits, emotional distress and punitive damages. The city’s insurance lawyer has advised the city council that the lawsuit has merit. The city clerk said she is still receiving all the relative paperwork on the lawsuit so no word was given to its amount. Alderwoman Rachel Forster, who is Mark Forster’s wife, excused herself from closed session which lasted a half-hour. No decision was made when the council re-convened into open session.