Marsh Haven Hosting Barb Harvey’s Birds

10/5/17 – Barb Harvey’s death in August of 2016 left a void in the Dodge County area that won’t soon be filled. Harvey was a wildlife educator and raptor rehabilitator. Those who knew her may have brought her an injured hawk or owl, or experienced one of her educational presentations with her beloved falcon Sasha, or maybe they even saw her on a documentary about feeding domestic animals that’s airing on Netflix called Pet Fooled. Regardless of the way people knew Harvey, she made a lasting impact on those she encountered. Renee Wahlen is the executive director of the Marsh Haven Nature Center and was a friend of Harvey’s; the center even named their outdoor amphitheater in her honor. Wahlen was asked by Harvey’s family last winter to take care of four of the six remaining birds that had been under Harvey’s care. She is now licensed as a raptor educator through US Fish and Wildlife. Wahlen has two owls, a hawk and a falcon. Barb Harvey’s raptors will be featured in educational programming during the John Denver Celebration Weekend on Saturday and Sunday at the Marsh Haven Nature Center on State Road 49 near Waupun. The three-day event kicks off with a John Denver tribute concert tomorrow at the Waupun City Hall Auditorium featuring Jim Curry, who provided the vocals for Denver during the made-for-television biopic Take Me Home: The John Denver Story that aired in the year 2000.