Markesan Police Warn Of ‘Amazon’ Scam

(Markesan) Markesan Police are warning residents about scammers claiming to be with “Amazon.” The caller will say they are calling about a large order you placed, mostly likely the order amount will be $1,000 or greater. They will tell you there is something wrong with your order. If you tell them you did not order anything they will tell you there is a way to correct the issue They will either ask you for your information and banking information or they will ask you to log onto your computer. If you give them your information, they will either steal it or attempt to access your banking account or credit cards. If you go onto your computer, they will have you click on a link that allows them to access your computer. If you tell them you don’t have an Amazon account, they will tell you steps to close the account opened in your name. Police advise hanging up or not taking a call from someone claiming to be with Amazon.