Legislature Repeals Mask Mandate, Governor Issues Another One

(Madison) The State Assembly voted Thursday in favor of immediately repealing the governor’s mask mandate on the grounds that he overstepped his authority in repeatedly issuing public health emergencies during the year-long pandemic. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu are expected to sign the measure Friday at 10am. No democrats supported the move which would not affect local mask mandates put in place by individual municipalities.

The governor’s response was to issue another executive order requiring masks statewide in public places.

In a separate vote, the Assembly proposed a fix to ensure the state does not lose out on roughly $50-million per month in federal food stamp money for getting rid of the mask mandate. That proposal is attached to a separate, larger COVID-19 relief bill that the governor has yet to say if he’ll sign. The senate will meet tomorrow (Friday) morning to vote on that proposed fix.